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Blue Ribbon Fuel Protects Equipment with Service Plans

family in front of house Blue Ribbon recommends service plans for all our residential customers. Both our plans include periodic preventive maintenance and emergency service, and our Plan B also provides coverage for many of your heating system's major components. In the event of a repair to a component covered by the plan, you will incur no expense. To enlist in a Blue Ribbon service plan, please call us at (973) 667-7988 or contact us.


A well-tuned burner uses 5 percent less fuel than an out-of-tune one, so we strongly recommend annual tuning for all heating systems.
Regular tuning also detects small problems before they develop into serious ones, so your system is less likely to fail and require an expensive repair. At Blue Ribbon, our technicians are highly trained, and they understand the nuances of today's advanced systems as well as the quirks of all the older systems that are still in use.

When you schedule an annual tune-up, a Blue Ribbon technician will:
  • clean and tune your equipment so that it's performing at maximum efficiency;
  • perform all the necessary preventive maintenance;
  • conduct an efficiency test and a safety check.

Service Plan A

This Plan offers an annual tune-up plus emergency service for a year. The benefits of an annual tune-up include conserving energy, being able to find problems before they become expensive inconvenient repairs, and saving you money by reducing the amount of fuel your system uses.*

* Terms and Conditions apply. Plumbing work not included.

Service Plan B

This Plan includes all services in Plan "A", in addition to replacement of worn and defective parts of your oil burner. Have peace of mind in knowing that Blue Ribbon Fuel will be completely responsible for replacing problem parts in your heating system.*

Parts covered under Plan "B"
  • Thermostat
  • Oil Valve
  • Flame Detector
  • Single Acting Type Only Aquastat
  • Pressuretrol
  • Cad Cell Relay
  • Fan/Limits
  • Oil Filter Cartridge
  • Ignition Transformer
  • Burner Motor
  • Fuel Unit
  • Nozzle & Adaptor
  • Air Diffuser
  • Electrodes
  • Buss Bars or High Tension Wire Leads
* Terms and Conditions apply. Plumbing work not included.


NJ Plumbing LIC #7851
NJ Electrical LIC #10227
NJ DEP Cert. #USO1173
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